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Anonymous: nope, pretty sure it was all just her doing it! thanks, its been about 3 or 4 years since she got put down so it's ok (also this blog is really great!)

aww, yeah n.p. awww thank you so much means a lot to us working on it. :3 thank you for writing.

Anonymous: when my (now deceased) cat was around 6 and the medication for her kitty illness wasn't working at all and we were going to have to give her to the vet to stay and try to get better there, she started to poop and pee in the shower and it felt so wrong to tell her off BUT WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS 2 ME I'M ABOUT TO PAY SHITLOADS OF MONEY FOR YOU TO GET BETTER

aww poor kitty, were her accidents caused due to her illness or was that just all her doing it? i am sorry for your loss though. :3