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Hello everyone, 

I have some great news, but first of I’d like to thank each and everyone of you who have helped this blog get to where it’s at now. Thank you for the submissions they are always very funny, and adorable. This blog has been successful thanks to all of you. I am so grateful, and will forever be grateful for each and everyone of you, I really mean that. 

I have been approached about publishing a book, so like always here’s where I need you help once again.

IF and only IF your interested in having your little munchkins in a book (and who wouldn’t right?) submit, email, tweet me your cat shaming pictures, along with your basic information such as name, location, kittys name, I will then sort through the pictures and once the cat shaming pictures are chosen I will contact you with the paperwork. 

BTW: working on the blog there will be some changes, of course the cat shaming portion is here to stay, by new changes I mean I will have new content.

Thank you guys so much.

any questions, feel free to inbox me, or shot me an email at

I hope to hear from you all soon, again thank you all so much.